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Approval Flow Chart

A flow chart that shows the approvals required to complete each process. None of these procedures has changed from the paper forms to the Inventory Assistant.

Flow Chart
Annual Inventory InspectionInventory items must be located and verified annually. When using a device with a camera, the Asset Assistant can scan the barcode on asset tags or the information can be entered manually.Video: Full Inventory Assistant Demo
Asset CheckoutUNM property may be taken off campus for business purposes. The checkout process registers who is responsible for the security of the property and it's appropriate use and maintenance.Guide
Asset Search FeatureFind An Asset will help locate items and will be able to identify what department an item belongs to. This is also where changes can be made to the location, condition, or the memo for equipment. It is also where tag reprints are requested.Guide

Disposals are done when tagged equipment cannot be located or was stolen. One of the steps in this process will be entering a reason for the disposal.

NOTE:  An explanation memo must always be attached to disposals. Additionally, a police report must be filed and attached if the equipment was stolen.


Sample Memo

External Transfer

An External Transfer is when a tagged piece of equipment is moved from one UNM entity to an outside group.

Sensitive Data Certification

Internal TransferAn Internal Transfer is when a tagged piece of equipment is moved from one UNM entity to another. This could be from one PI to another, between departments or between orgs.Guide
Surplus Deletion

Surplus Deletions are done when a department has possession of University equipment but will no longer be using the equipment. The equipment may be tagged or untagged.

More information on the removal and disposal of an asset can be found at the Surplus Property website.


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