The UNM Inventory Control and Fixed Asset Accounting departments have combined into one new department. We are now Property Accounting.


Property Accounting is pleased to announce we have introduced a new Fabrication Control Number Request form.

We have transitioned away from using FormStack for submissions and are now implementing a Smartsheet-based form.  Starting June 25th   2024, please use the below link to submit any new Fabrication Control Number requests: Smartsheet Fabrication Control Number Request Form. Instructions on how to log in to Smartsheets for the first time will be located under our Forms Tab under Fabrication Control Number Request. You will be receiving a confirmation email from Smartsheets once you submit your Fabrication Control Number Request, as well as a final email with your Fabrication Control Number, once your FAB request has been approved.

 Fabrication Control Number Request Form (

 Below is also a link to your own Smartsheet Fabrication Request Dashboard. This is where you will be able   to   check the status for all your submitted requests.

 My FAB# Requests - Dynamic View (

 Should you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to us. 


 UNM Inventory Assistant

Property Accounting is still using UNM Inventory Assistant/AppTree as their Inventory Management system campuswide. 

Please see the UNM Inventory Assistant/AppTree page for more information and access the new system through the AppTree tile on the myUNM Staff page (


Annual Inventory Schedules per Fiscal Year

Each ORG will have a two-month period to complete their annual inventory. Before the annual inventory starts, each Inventory Contact (IC) with an ORG that has assets over $5,000 or has drones of any value, will receive an email to verify the ORG numbers that they are responsible for as well as to confirm the IC and Dean/Director Contact (DDC) of that ORG is also correct. Please see the below schedule for this year’s annual inventory.

On the Start Date, the annual inventory conversation will appear in the Inventory Assistant (AppTree) listing the equipment to be verified.

The Inventory Assistant will be the environment for all inventory work; Location/Condition Code/Memo/Serial Number updates as well as Surplus, Deletions, Transfers, and Checkouts/Check-ins.




Contact Us

Property Accounting
MSC01 1260
1700 Lomas NE, Suite 3400
(505) 277-2018

Adriana Mendiaz-Coronado
Supervisor of Fiscal Services

James Medina
Accountant 2

Ricardo Wheat
Sr. Fiscal Services Tech