Contract & Grant Accounting's (CGA) is responsible to the University and to the funding agencies for the financial and regulatory administration of contracts and grants. They interpret policies of private and governmental funding agencies to ensure that expenditures adhere to regulations and guidelines.

Department which purchased or is using the Government property is responsible for the management and control of the property assigned to it. The department is responsible for:

  • initiating requests to acquire property or use restricted or government excess property;
  • the proper use, maintenance, and security of assigned property;
  • maintaining inventory records on all property in custody of the department; reporting any shortage, damage, loss, or theft of property; and
  • disposing of Government property according to Government policies.

Department Director, Dean or Chair (DDC) is the head of the department responsible for the management and control of the property assigned to their department. The DDC is responsible to designate the department Inventory Contact to ensure that all inventory related correspondence is directed to the proper personnel.

Department Inventory Contact is the department’s designated person to track and manage the department’s inventory.  The Inventory Contact, in conjunction with the Primary Investigator (PI), will also be responsible for the completion of the Annual Property Inventory of all Government-owned property. Utilizing the UNM Property Accounting process, the department’s Inventory Contact is responsible for the inventory of Government property, and will assist the PI in meeting contractual obligations with respect to property reporting matters.

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) supports the research mission of UNM by partnering with the research and academic community in submitting, negotiating, and obtaining awards. OSP is responsible for assisting PI (PIs) and their departments in the proposal stage of a contract or grant.

Property Accounting coordinates the tracking and capitalization of equipment purchased by individual departments at the University of New Mexico.

Principal Investigator (PI) will be responsible to UNM for the procurement, control, care, maintenance, security, and disposition of all property charged or assigned to a Government contract, in accordance with the terms of that contract or other applicable guides and procedures.  Acceptance of awards requiring additional reporting or management procedures will result in the additional acceptance of responsibility for initiating and/or monitoring the adherence to these special requirements.