Loss of Government Property

UNM employees are required to immediately report the loss of any Government property. The DDC, or designee, will investigate and report to the Government all incidents of property loss as soon as the facts become known, as stated in FAR 52 245-1(f)(1)(vii). See section 8 Relief of Stewardship for UNM’s detailed process and required documentation. The Inventory Contact will report such loss via email to the cognizant Government Contracting Officer as also noted in the detailed process in 8 Relief of Stewardship.

Annual Property Inventory Report

The details of UNM’s annual inventory process are found in Section 5.0, “Physical Inventory”.  CGA will submit the results of the physical inventory to the Government Agency, reported in a letter/memorandum, upon request.

Close Out of Government Property

The details of closing out the accountability of Government property or disposing of Government property are found in Section 11.0, “Property Closeout”.

Annual Self-Assessments

UNM’s self-assessment program is described in detail in Section 12.0, “Self-Assessment Program”. The results of these self-assessments will be made available to the Government Property Administrator upon request.