Receipt of Government Property



When goods are received on a regular purchase order, the department will create a receiving document in Banner screen FPARCVD – Receiving Goods or in LoboMart. NOTE: The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for receiving goods are available at

When either contractor-acquired Government property or Government-furnished property is received, the receiver will determine that the correct items are being received and that there is no visible damage. The receiver screen in Banner or LoboMart will document the received item(s), including the date and time of receipt.

Inspection, Test, and Acceptance

The PI will thoroughly identify, inspect, test (if applicable), and accept the received item(s).  These actions will include: verification of receipt of the correct item(s); determination of any missing item(s); verification of the condition of the item(s); operational testing of the item(s), if necessary; and recording the item’(s) information (model, serial number, and other identifiers). All Government property will be clearly identified and marked as “Government Property” with the UNM asset tag blue label. In those instances where the item must be first entered into service, e.g., a laboratory experiment, before being tagged, a “generic” label will be affixed and the UNM asset tag will be affixed after the acceptance of the item. The details of inventorying and tagging Government property are found in Section 3.0, “Inventorying Government Equipment”.


Contractor-Acquired Property

If discrepancies are uncovered during inspection and/or verification testing, the Inventory Contact will be notified immediately. Any discrepancy, loss, damage, or missing items will be reported to the Property Accounting Department immediately. The PI will coordinate with the vendor as to what remedial action(s) needs to be taken.

Government-Furnished Property

If there are any discrepancies upon receipt of Government-furnished property, the PI will, within fifteen (15) working days, report via email to the ONR Property Administrator a written statement containing all relevant facts, such as the cause or condition and a recommended course(s) of action, if overages, shortages, or damages and/or other discrepancies are discovered upon receipt of Government-furnished property.

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