Preventative Maintenance

The Department is responsible for the preventative maintenance of Government property in its possession, unless otherwise specified in the Government contract. The PI will be responsible for the proper maintenance of Government property under his control and/or use.

UNM’s maintenance program will include regularly scheduled inspections, calibration and maintenance performed to sustain suitability for intended use and to detect and correct minor deficiencies before they result in damage to Government property. Preventative maintenance will include lubrication, servicing, inspection, and normal parts replacement. Unless otherwise specified in the Government contract, maintenance will be performed in accordance with the manufacture’s maintenance manuals and procedures. If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available, UNM will develop a preventative maintenance schedule based on generally accepted industry standards.

When Government property is procured, the department will document maintenance and calibrations. This documentation will then be submitted to and filed by the Inventory Contact.

When routine preventative maintenance is performed by the manufacturer, the RMA (returned materials authorization) will be retained. When routine preventive maintenance is conducted in-house, the UNM “Government Property Maintenance & Calibration Form” will be completed by the person conducting the maintenance. This documentation will then be submitted to and filed by the Inventory Contact after the completion of the maintenance activity.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance provides for corrective actions and repairs that are disclosed or reported by the operating personnel or that are identified as part of the preventative maintenance process. The PI will determine whether the recommended corrective maintenance falls within the range of normal maintenance requirements, or whether the corrective maintenance action represents capital-type rehabilitation. If the former, the necessary maintenance can be performed. If the latter, the provisions for Capital-Type Rehabilitation will be followed.

Capital-Type Rehabilitation

Capital-type rehabilitation (CTR) is any maintenance requirement that falls outside the normal range of preventative or corrective maintenance. The performance of CTR requires approval by the respective Government Contracting Officer. If CTR is required, the PI will notify the Government Contracting Officer and request direction regarding repair, replacement, or other actions. No CTR will be performed without the approval of the Government Contracting Officer. The PI will also disclose and report to the Government Property Administrator any need for property replacement or capital rehabilitation. Information regarding CTR will be recorded on the “UNM Government Property Maintenance & Calibration Form” by the PI and the Inventory Contact will maintain the records.