The UNM Inventory Control and Fixed Asset Accounting departments have combined into one new department. We are now Property Accounting.

FY24 Annual Inventory has now started! Please ensure you meet the deadline of March 18, 2024, for your inventory. 

You probably have received notifications from SmartSheets. Going forward we will be using SmartSheets for all communications during the inventory, these notifications are not SPAM.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Computing devices with a cost of less than $5,000 will no longer be included in the annual inventory counts. This brings the institution in closer alignment with NMSA 12-6-10 Annual Inventory, which states that “No agency shall be required to list any item costing five thousand dollars ($5,000) or less.”


UNM Inventory Assistant

Property Accounting is still using UNM Inventory Assistant/AppTree as their Inventory Management system campuswide. 

Please see the UNM Inventory Assistant/AppTree page for more information and access the new system through the AppTree tile on the myUNM Staff page (


Contact Us

Property Accounting
MSC01 1260
1700 Lomas NE, Suite 3400
(505) 277-2018

Adriana Mendiaz-Coronado
Supervisor of Fiscal Services

James Medina
Accountant 2

Ricardo Wheat
Sr. Fiscal Services Tech